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Someone who is promiscuous.
David likes to have sex with many people. He is an ass hopper.
by MistahTom September 14, 2005
A young male who finds strong interest in anal sex with females, and therefore likes to stick his reproductive rod in every anus he can get his hands on.

(Word is best pronounced with a New York accent.)
Pimp: Very nicely done, young asshopper!
Student: My dick's starting to hurt, but I can't stop jumping on these pretty females!
by Knightmare 5W May 27, 2008
Another name for a slut, as in someone who hops from ass to ass, therefore an asshopper.
That dirty slut is an asshopper!
by Vanilla Llama September 17, 2003
a VERY sexually active homosexual male
"What?! He was with 6 guys in ONE week?! What an ass-hopper!"
by Monica Flores February 02, 2008
some one who has many sexual encounters
Diego is such an ass hopper, he is always pullin up to that bumper and smacking that monkey
by bobby rules September 25, 2006
1. when a forummember ( named Asswipe was asked for patience, a wise man said:

<Doctahluuuuv> Patience, young Asshopper.
<Asswipe>k, Sensei

2. Asshopper is the kewlest of all people on GUA

3. A horny man who likes anal sex
Omg, it's an Asshopper. Hide your wife and children!
by Asshopper September 06, 2004
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