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midget born through someones ass
"Fred Durst is an ass gnome"
by fatboy August 29, 2003
Nomadic, anally parasitic gnomes whom according to local traditions are nocturnal and travel in packs. As with sasquatch there are historical claims of encounter, but such claims are rare and have become less common with modernity.

(Usage Note: Assgnomes are described almost exclusively in plural as they are by definition pack animals. Because of the tenuous nature of their existence it makes it difficult to resolve if singular encounters are possible, but the Usage Board notes that there is no precedent for this in the literature.)
"Beware the assgnomes."
by Andrew Seeran March 16, 2004
short person who likes crawling into peoples asses.
Shut up you ass gnome.

Note: qiut handy if you cant wipe your own ass
by Fusion September 19, 2003
A person who wants to be the bad guy and the good guy at the same time. Also, they can always think they're right, but are wrong most of the time.
That guy punched a guy, but told his friends not to. What an assgnome.
by Brad Moore July 19, 2003
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