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a game between gay males involving anal intercourse.
What are you guys doing today? Playing ass darts?
by HomerCO March 05, 2004
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A game where one person uses another persons ass as a dart board. Usually played when very drunk.
Did you see the you-tube video showing the two Aussies playing ass darts?
by Cufflynx July 29, 2008
to shoot ones tounge in anothers ass hole

to slip the tip of your tounge in to an asshole
I love to ass dart my old lady,

dude, this chick loves to get ass darted while you flick her clit

man, Id love to dart her fucking shit hole
by Joe Clabough February 19, 2005
a gay man's penis
"Cam put his ass dart in Conner last night."
by rr2 January 01, 2009
(v.) A game where the objective is to use an erect penis as a dart and another person's ass as the dart board. A "bulls-eye" in this game is defined by anal penetration.
Yo Josh, that game of assdarts me and your sister played last night was intense, I scored 5 bulls-eyes!!!!
by lkojoju July 21, 2006
(v.) to have anal sex. See buggery
Elitist and the foreign goat.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 08, 2004
Means your ass is like a dart board.. Everyone stick things in it..
GO fuck your self. YOu medevil ass dart..
by EvilToasterPastry August 02, 2003

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