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4 definitions by EvilToasterPastry

A substance that is formed when a male doesnt know how to wash his frank and beans correctly.. Its a bacteria that grows from sweat, flakes of dead skin, and dirt, Sometimes mixed with ejaculate..
Your hungry? Yeah well ill make you a nice sandwich cover in fumunda cheese.. Yeah from under des nuts... Murwahahaha
by EvilToasterPastry August 01, 2003
329 138
Relating to or characteristic of dramatic tragedy or tragedies: tragic plays; the tragic hero.
Shakesphere made most of is plays very tragic..

Yo romeo.. Your hoes dead.. Well fuckbeans thats tragic.. *le sigh*
by EvilToasterPastry August 01, 2003
12 6
Means your ass is like a dart board.. Everyone stick things in it..
GO fuck your self. YOu medevil ass dart..
by EvilToasterPastry August 02, 2003
8 10
Is where you lay on your back.. Put a peice of cling wrap on the lovers chest and POOP.. After wards.. You say what a lovely tea party...
It cold out side. And i bet your mother is snuggling up to a nice HOT karl.. Mm Mmm GOOD!!
by EvilToasterPastry August 01, 2003
13 36