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The split between someone's ass cheeks.
Look at the size of that guys ass crack! It runs halfway up his back
by Big Bad Bastard November 14, 2002
when a girl wares her paints to damn low and you can see the "V" that is made where the two butt checks come together.
Britney Speares has way to much asscrack
by Jane Doe December 14, 2003
the line on your ass that gets erased after sitting down for long periods of time.
I better take a marker to re-draw my asscrack because it will be gone after sitting in the plane that long
by Frank Bertossi August 19, 2005
A person who is not quite an asshole, but well on their way.
Steve gave me a back handed compliment. That guy is such an asscrack!
by missikat November 29, 2008
A dirty, despicable human being, that serves no purpose in life. Only there to annoy the shit out of you.
-Damn, I'm so tired of Denise bothering me.
-Yeah, that girl is such an asscrack.
by Superstar88 March 08, 2008
something you should not fall into
jimmy fell into his mom's ass crack and got stuck
by fluffypenis September 20, 2014
The thing you yell when nothing else comes to mind. One of those times when you're so mad that you say something extremely irrelevant and that doesn't even make sense, when you could have just as easily said ass hole.
Tracy: Yeah, thats such a dumb thing to say no one cares.
Sam:Oh.. You...You're such a... a...
Tracy: A what?
Sam: Ass crack!!
Tracy: lol of all the things you could have said...ass hole maybe?.. wow you are just awful.
by wellblowmedown March 25, 2011

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