Beyond the phrase 'being backward'. It means lacking any insight, intelligence, correct action, respect to human rights, cultural sophistication, and most of all common sense.
Having a parked car on the lawn while drunk on a couch also on the lawn ass backwards.

Being racist is ass backwards.

In the computer game Civilization having your nation in the dark ages when every other group is building spacecraft is being completely ass backwards.

Putting something together wrong is ass backwards.
by egnarooorange November 16, 2008
Top Definition
To be out of order or reversed; very confused or mixed up; completely fouled up or wrong.

'Ass' refers to the rear end or buttocks, and 'backwards' means reversed. The phrase suggests that something is happening the wrong way, with the rear coming first. ('Ass' is an impolite word, so be careful using this phrase.)

Synonym: snafu
1) Jeb, you're riding that donkey ass backwards! Turn around!

2) You installed these windows ass backwards - the screens are supposed to be on the outside!
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
To do something totally wrong or stupid, whether intentionally or not. Something that is the opposite of itself. To be stupid or slow.
Did you see him curse out his girlfriend? That's just ass backwards.
by A-TownDown March 07, 2005
Doing things the wrong way. Starting from the wrong end.
He did that ass backwards.
by Hatah June 17, 2006
1. doing something the wrong way
The electrical work was done assbackwards, causing many fires.

The toilet was installed assbackwards. That's why it smells like shit in here.
by The Bucktooth Robot June 24, 2009
to do something the exact opposite way that any normal person would do it. to defy logic by carrying out an act with no hope of accomplishing anything purposeful.
purposely doing something wrong to prove a really stupid point.
he attemped the task in an ass backward's fashion, despite all indication from his friend that he was doing it wrong.
by marty767 September 23, 2006
A goddamned piece of shit that doesn't do the thing it's fucking supposed to is "assbackwards".
Sony's new stupid box thing is goddamned assbackwards as fuck.
by Ruy_lopez June 24, 2009
adj. - wrong, abnormal, negatively unique, against the norm (the norm owns mee)
Why do anything the normal way when we can do it ass-backwards?
by Joe March 20, 2003

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