to shove a golden dildo right up a uncouncious mans ass
i went to that alley and i saw a guy get ass raper
by kevin granger March 14, 2007
Top Definition
1)somebody who beats the shit out of someone
2)someone literally penetrating someones ass without proper preposal and acception from the ass rapee
wtf david way is a ass raper, he ass raped himself and countless others!
by s0merand0meguy January 23, 2008
someone who rapes another person in the ass with a five foot dildo; they are usually homosexual.
Greg Levy got attacked by an ass raper. He actually took the five footer right up the anal passage way.
by Phillip Sowa March 12, 2004
Jeff Yeah thats right jeff nigga
Jeff damnit fuker
by Teasing_the_Weasel July 29, 2004
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