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4 definitions by s0merand0meguy

1)somebody who beats the shit out of someone
2)someone literally penetrating someones ass without proper preposal and acception from the ass rapee
wtf david way is a ass raper, he ass raped himself and countless others!
by s0merand0meguy January 23, 2008
One who sucks anothers cock.

also see: blow job
Example: Kelly you fucking cocksuckah !
by s0merand0meguy January 24, 2008
a name a angry Uky guy shouts when you prank call his phone
what is your name? GO AWAY YOU COCKSUCKAH
by s0merand0meguy January 23, 2008
what a white person says to his friends but never to a black guys face

what you are called if your black from your black friends- and returning with "WAZUP" but would beat the shit out of any crackah-ass even whispering it

what a white person calls another white person because they think its cool to act like your from the ghetto
god..i hate niggers, oh shit theres a nigg- hey wats up Monique


hey nigger *giggle* whats up- fo shizzle nizzle.
by s0merand0meguy January 23, 2008