Slang for toliet paper and commonly used amongst non-commissioned members in western militaries. Thought to be derived from 'snot rag' and also to reflect the very poor quality of toliet paper supplied by militaries.
"That was our last roll of ass rag. Guess I'll have to go down to the store and pick up some more rolls of ass rag."
by Duke_of_York26 April 04, 2006
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A wad of toilet paper used when you have swamp ass to prevent skid marks from ruining your underwear.
Did you see the skid marks on Stu's tighty whities? He should have used an ass rag.
by DanburyCraig October 02, 2006
A dedicated washcloth used in place of one's hand to clean one's rectum.
Sick! I can't believe he just washed the dishes with my assrag!
by zatr5000 October 28, 2005
someone who is such an insult to the human race that they are only worthy to be used as a device that removes shit from one's ass
Bring that assrag, Ron, over here! He has a job to do.
by David Dayan June 21, 2004
cloth worn beneath tighty whities to prevent anal leakage from a worn out sphincter
one gay man to another: donk are you on the assrag or are we ready to rock
by swoolley December 05, 2009
Noun used as an insult.

Something that severely obese people tie to the end of a fly-swatter to clean their asses with.
"Joe? You're an ass rag."
by Redheaded_Peach February 23, 2008
Wad of toilet paper used when one has swamp ass to prevent skid marks, bacon strips or other stains on their underwear.
Did you see the skid marks on Stu's tighty whities. He should have used as ass rag.
by ShadyCSL September 29, 2006
a dedicated cloth, used when hiking for extended periods of time, used for wiping your ass. If used properly, there is very little if any odor, and a 12" x 12" ass rag will last for weeks. It is carried hung outside of the pack. A term originally coined by Ron Hood of THE HOODLUMS fame, a outdoor and survival website .
johns Ass Rag was clipped to his pack. He used it to wipe his ass after taking a crap inthe woods.
by woodsman9999 November 24, 2008

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