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Slang for aviators and thought to reflect the stereotype that pedophiles and other Sexual Predators often wear big mirrored aviators when stalking their prey. Could also be loosely applied to State Troopers and creepy highway patrol police officers.
"Hand me my pedophile goggles I'm going to the park."
by Duke_of_York26 April 04, 2006
Common slang in western militaries for tissue paper or any paper used to wipe a nose. Reflects the fact that tissue paper in the military was often just really crappy quality toliet paper.
"Wow its called outside, hand me some snot rag!"
by Duke_of_York26 April 04, 2006
Applied to a person who's skin turns bright red when they drink alcohol or are so drunk they appear flustered. If they often appear to be sun burnt even in the winter it is a good indication they like their booze.
"Wow I have to pick up a bottle of Bacardi this weekend and work on my rum tan!"
by Duke_of_York26 April 04, 2006
Slang for toliet paper and commonly used amongst non-commissioned members in western militaries. Thought to be derived from 'snot rag' and also to reflect the very poor quality of toliet paper supplied by militaries.
"That was our last roll of ass rag. Guess I'll have to go down to the store and pick up some more rolls of ass rag."
by Duke_of_York26 April 04, 2006

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