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one who enjoys the juice from the brown eye
by tobias December 06, 2002
14 12

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one who mongles the ass, or basically owns it; aka raging homo.
daniel is the biggest ass mongler in the world
by daniel attaway January 08, 2003
32 4
a dumbass piece of shit that cant tell right from wrong and is usally an annoying ass kissing scum bag with fruit cake like characheristics.

or a sexist midle aged male that slaps asses constantly
whow cotton from king of the hill is one awsome assmongler
by juancarlos December 22, 2005
29 8
A jerk who won't give you what you want/need.
Come on man, don't be an assmongler! Pass the crackpipe.
by Solid July 13, 2005
10 4
A person guilty of committing a leeown (see leeowned)
eg. That Ass-mongler sure can leeown!
by dank sewage November 28, 2003
0 1
one who adores and lavishes their own ass ring
Awwww piss! Ned, get your finger out your ass crack will ya, you ass mongler
by sean the ass mongler.... JK November 06, 2006
12 15
someone who plays with their ring
Keith Attwood is such an Ass Mongler
by Mike Hannant February 21, 2003
6 9