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Somebody who behaves like an idiot; a pervert.
That guy is such an ass licker!
by Pang Mu April 08, 2003
24 24
In the sexual sense, an "ass licker" is anyone who enjoys licking someones asshole.
by Steve - Buffalo NY August 20, 2003
211 79
1) Someone willing to lick the inside of the buttocks. Yeah, the hole.

2) A sycophant.
Hey ass licker, come lick me out

threnody isn't cool, you're such an ass licker.
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004
138 45
Someone who participates in licking of ass.
Man ryan Francis is such an ass licker!
by AK April 02, 2003
86 37
Someone who is sexually stimulated and gratified by licking another persons filthy, stinky asshole.
That dude is a bonified Ass Licker. He licked his girlfriend's asshole clean. He even ate the kernal of corn she farted onto his tounge.
by slicksal October 23, 2006
93 51
1. A person or persons who are constantly licking someone elses ass so they can get something in return. Often used to describe teachers pets and people who suck up constantly.
2. Jason Drury
1. You're such an ass-licker Jason that it is impossible to tell where you start and the teacher ends.
by Scott Williamson June 18, 2004
20 5
One who licks ass because he or she sucks so bad. Also, an ass kisser who is such a loser that he or she must lick the ass they are kissing.
Yo dude, JEML1754 is suck an asslicker, he wants us to call him "asslicker"
by Jon March 13, 2005
46 39
synonym for butt kisser, usually refers to sleeping with the boss
James got promoted cause he's such an ass licker!
by the hott one May 29, 2005
28 24