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When two males put on helmets and one runs full speed at the other with the hopes of getting his dong in the others ass. A less fun version involves a male and female. Also referred to as lanceless jousting, it was common in the medieval times before man invented horses.
Dude: Hey Ben I've been craving some ass jousting for the past couple weeks how bout you?

Ben: Me too my butt's felt way too tight recently, how does tonight sound?
by googenmcblaxton September 19, 2012
7 2
A sport involving two competitors who attempt to knock down their opponent by scuttling down the playing field and bumping each other with their asses.

Ass-jousting is best played at 2AM with bored college students, not looking for sexual games.
Ass-jousting is the best sport ever!
by Hulla March 10, 2007
4 3
To ram or punch asses together in an synchronous motion, and moaning like a dead fish
mike smith got caught ass jousting with a black kid from georgia
by Daniel December 14, 2003
9 9