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the expulsion of air that sounds like a burp when you're pounding a female with your meat wand.
i was asshammering this chick and her knees gave out, it put me right in position and she ass burped so loud i think i lost a few pubes.
by March 26, 2003
A passing of gas...aka a FART
GOD Giarc you really ripped a loud ASS BURP last night in your sleep!
by Whale Tail November 04, 2007
a fart. a burp that comes out your arse
Byron had a major assburp just now.
by hjhjh November 17, 2003
An ass burp is similar to a fart, in that it may be just as loud or quiet, but does not have the classic defining odor.

See also Butt Burp.
I nearly ran from the room when dad let a big one rip, but when I didn't smell anything, I realized it was just an ass burp!
by JayArr June 21, 2011
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