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when you have explosive diarrhea and no place to go. So haveing to fine a ext place to go
One time at band camp.... i couldnt find the rest rooms so i took a ass blast on the wall.
by haloreach4life September 30, 2010
17 5
A mega firey fart
Dude. My ass blast was painful
by Nitro March 02, 2003
64 24
Speckled diarhea spray on the toilet.
I was riding the toilet with major ass blast.
by anonymous April 24, 2003
63 30
1. When you have to take a shit really bad and it comes out as a runny burst.

2. Having sex with someone in the anus and having a lot of fun in the process.
1. That asshole Matt left an assblast all over my toilet!

2. We had a real assblast at the party last night. Matt's ass is going to be sore for a week!
by Frank Enbeens May 12, 2007
30 5
forceful anal sex
met this guy last night; boy, did I get my ass blasted
by anonymous April 21, 2003
49 37
When something awful happens that infuriates you, You have an 'Ass Blast' The event is so upsetting that you feel as if you could have a blast out of your ass.
Dude, An elf just took my cookie! I'm going to have a gnarly Ass Blast!
by Ricky and Carlos July 07, 2011
8 8
A fart so putrid that you feel as if if your eyebrows could literally singe off your face.
"Dude nice Ass Blast!"

"My brows look like a chemo patient!"
by JakeDaSnake23452 August 03, 2011
5 9