A word used by people trying to gain personal information. They usually ask you first, and lie bye either saying they are older or the same age.

Most people say ª this to hide their age, and mask who they truely are. The dumber people give out their town and street adress. Which is usually followed by mail or a doorbell ring.

If you really are going to give out this basic information, make it as general as possible.

asl is sometimes written as: a.s.l, a/s/l, age, sex, location, a;s;l, a:s:l, or a's'l. There are sometimes captial letters and different arrangements, like: a/l, s/l/a, l/s/a, sex, location, and age, or l's'a.

Most of the time people know the person's sex, but people like me make it as fun as possible.

ªGirl who is actually 10: Hey, asl?
Guy: 16/m/florida, you?
Girl who is actually 10: 17/f/California
Guy: Cool

Girl: Hey, asl
Guy: Between 13-18/m/North America
Girl: uhmmm, you're a loser, go **** a **** you *****.
Guy: -_- What's your asl?
Girl: 11/f/4 Jemble Lane Los Angeles, California. Why?
Guy: lmao *signs off or blocks*

Hmm, my screen name might be thecoolestguy54,
yet she asks: Hey, asl?
I sometimes say: 93/m and f/Mexico
Which is followed by blocking, flamming, etc.
by Mac the Boy September 19, 2005
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What stupid people say on chats to learn who you are and where you live so they can come to your house with a chainsaw and kill you.
bobiscool:hey hi hey lolololoollll
iamsohot:kool wats ur name
iamsohot:no ur reel name
bobiscool:bobby jimson
iamsohot:wana kis
iamsohot:lol!!!1111 i g2g c u bye
iamsohot:wat is ur adres
bobiscool:464 cinnamon way
iamsohot:k bye

The next day Bobby's parents went to his room to see how he was doing,and found his head chopped off.Poor Bobby.
by TheWiggidy April 03, 2004
age sex location. which is followed by a block from your buddylist
"wut up!!!! ASL?"
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
1. Above Sea Level
2. Age Sex Location
3. American Sign Language
1. Mont Blanc is 4810m ASL
2. allursbaby7: hey, asl?
hotplaya1001: 14/m/canada
alursbaby7: sorry i gtg bye
3. I could never get to grips with ASL so I had to drop it.
by Brendan March 29, 2004
ASL or asl; Abbreviation for Age, Sex, and Location. Used in computer chat as a question to gain basic personal information. Usually frowned upon as an impersonal and annoying introduction.
Chatter 1: Hi,asl?
Chatter 2: 27/male/Florida
by Chad Deese October 17, 2003
Age/Sex/Location, first question you will EVER see when you enter a chatroom. Used by everyone who needs some "cybering"
Pedophiles use a/s/l to lure children, offer them candy, rape, and then kill them.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
It means "as hell", its ghetto and when you say "as hell" fast and slurred it sounds like asl.
"Dude, you're gay asl."

"Man, she was grinding all up on me and it was sexy asl."
by blueeyes88 September 18, 2013
The first thing a sexual predator says to his prospective prey.
boyluvr: hey!!!!!!!
timmy: lol hi
boyluvr: asl
timmy: 12/m/florida

by lovesmesumcake August 20, 2008

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