the common term used for a beautiful, cute, pretty girl that everyone loves. usually gives the BEST hugs around and is just about the most cheerful girl you'll ever meet. great with perverted humor and must compete with her to get in a thats what she said.

also, the most epic prom date you will ever have.
joe: who'd you go to prom with?
vladmir: i went with ashley
joe: OH YOU LUCKY FUCK. i'm so jelly
vladmir: srlsy bro?
joe: no jk i'm nutella
by doyouknowthetwssman? May 24, 2011
ashley is a person who gets on your nerves but is always there for you.she cant fight but she can slap really hard.she always has a BOYFRIEND and when she dumps them she dumps them softly.ashley is 1 sweeeet girl.
by mymyfry123 February 01, 2011
someone who is amazing in a lot of ways, some can be very shy at times but some can go crazy like the world was on fire. preferably brownish blonde hair, great body, good kisser, and cute brownish or hazel eyes :)
"hey whos that?"
"oh her, that's just Ashley"
by Katy Kat April 13, 2013
The most amazing, gorgeous guy in the world. Kind-hearted and very down to earth. Have amazing bodies. Would to anything for their loved one and are very thoughtful. Are know to be the best boyfriends. Their love is conditional and make a girl feel so lucky to have them!
I love you Ashley :')
by LoziSnozzBucket February 18, 2013
The cute girl next door who always looks good

The short blonde hair hottie
The girl whose dad scares all the boys away
The girl who doesn't have a lot of friends, but has a lot of respect from people
Ashley = Cute
by hEaRtBrEaKeR1994:) June 20, 2011
a super hot, sexy girl that every guy wishes he could date. she could get any guy she wants. she is probably a cheerleader, but is good at any sport. ashley is someone very popular and everyone wants to be her friends with. shes gorgoeus and has super sexy abbs! she has a perfect body, perfect skin, and a flawless personality to go with it. ashley is a gorgeous individual who EVERYONE would kill to be. shes sexy as hell and really good at fucking!
"damn look at that sexy girl over there!"
"i just wanna fuck her so hard bruh!"
"DAMN SHES SEXY!" "her names probably ashley"
by sexybabe4273 November 15, 2011
The person who lags behind when walking in a group forcing everyone else in the group to wait on their slow ass.
Could also be used as a verb, to ashley, Ashleying
Ashley keeps lagging behind, we better wait on her so she doesn't get raped.
by PromGroup69 May 05, 2013

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