An amazing person who is fun to be around, has a great sense of humor and she's definitely a mezzano. She's an awesome friend and always is true to her friends. She is my best friend :)
Marisa: Ashley's my mezzano, she's so awesome.

Scarlett: She really is awesome, and she's the best!
by Rile49 January 12, 2012
a super hot, sexy girl that every guy wishes he could date. she could get any guy she wants. she is probably a cheerleader, but is good at any sport. ashley is someone very popular and everyone wants to be her friends with. shes gorgoeus and has super sexy abbs! she has a perfect body, perfect skin, and a flawless personality to go with it. ashley is a gorgeous individual who EVERYONE would kill to be. shes sexy as hell and really good at fucking!
"damn look at that sexy girl over there!"
"i just wanna fuck her so hard bruh!"
"DAMN SHES SEXY!" "her names probably ashley"
by sexybabe4273 November 15, 2011
shes gorgeous, and funny and very street smart. she has problems concentrating at times and gets very distracted. she suffers from Aniexty or depression but she doesnt let anyone know. but she is unlike any girl you will ever go out with. at first she will have a wall, and it will be hard to break down. but just keep pushing ask her questions get to know the REAL her not what everyone thinks she is. she can be perfect she can be everything a guy ever wanted if you just give it time and get her to open up to you. you will not regret it trust me. losing an Ashley is a sad thing. shes basically perfect people just don't see it behind her messy hair. she has problems that she doesn't like talking about. but she is really kind and loving, as soon as you break through that tall wall of hers you will see how perfect she is.
ashley's boyfriend: she acts like she doesnt even care about us, and she never wants to talk about anything person i think i love her but i dont think she loves me
friend: she does trust me, just love her.
by yolo jones February 24, 2013
ashley is a person who gets on your nerves but is always there for you.she cant fight but she can slap really hard.she always has a BOYFRIEND and when she dumps them she dumps them softly.ashley is 1 sweeeet girl.
by mymyfry123 February 01, 2011
someone who is amazing in a lot of ways, some can be very shy at times but some can go crazy like the world was on fire. preferably brownish blonde hair, great body, good kisser, and cute brownish or hazel eyes :)
"hey whos that?"
"oh her, that's just Ashley"
by Katy Kat April 13, 2013
One of the most amazing girls you'll ever meet, she is always the one with a beutiful body and all the friends, if you go up to her and try to hurt her she'll claw you to death and most of the time not be framed for her amazing talent and looks. Ashley is one bad to the bone person!
Jeff: Dude did you see what ashley did!?
Cheyenne: Yeah! She kicked Jesse's ass!
by 'Jeffy Poo' March 20, 2012
Ashley is a girl who sticks up for herself. She will do what she feels is right and real! Lying is the last thing she'll do! She cares too much about other people. She is often very pretty!
Girls get jealous of her and the guys want her! Because she's real, she's funny, a great listener and very attractive. Beware if you cross her she'll make it well aware you did something wrong and talk about it. Cross her twice it's over she has a temper. Don't cross an Ashley. On the other side her friends are her life! She loves them with all her heart! And she doesn't need a man, but knows she'd like one only if they'd stay because she knows she's worth it and and won't settle for anything less!
"Ashley is smoking today!'

"Don't mess with Ashley she's done with the bull shit today."

"Ashley's by best friend I know I can always trust her with a secret! "
by Nightrider1997 December 04, 2013
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