She's beautiful. Guys fall to her side when she flips her hair. She doesn't have to try much to get what she wants. She gets sad or depressed pretty easily at times, but never lets anyone see it. Everyone thinks she's happy.

Sometimes she's loud and annoys people. When she is that way people start talking about her but it doesn't bother her. She doesn't care what you think.
She's really easily liked and there's always a guy that likes her. She always sees the best in poeple. She loves to be loved. And when she finds a guy that she loves he is officially the luckiest guy around.

Ashley is the kind of girl people want to be around to be noticed because if she's easily noticed then you will be too so you naturally become close to her.
The only downside about her is that she knows the best in you and if you aren't the best you can be she will give up on you. Don't ever try to play with her heart because she can play right back. She expects her guy to treat her like a princess which is exactly what she is.
Are you kidding? Ashley is the only person I've seen today. She's beautiful.
by QuiteInLove<3 December 11, 2010
ashley, weird. loud. absolutely hilarious.
Dude 1: yo, did you hear what ashley said in class today?!
Dude 2: yeah man, that chick is crazy! i LOLd all over the place.
Dude 1: dude, me too! we all love her! how could you not love that chick.
by poot cheaks May 20, 2010
hardcore drinker
ashley can drink 10 straight shots of vodka..fuckin hardcore. i would do her
by dontuseyou May 25, 2009
Shes Cute
Shes Sweet
Shes Kind
Shes Caring
Shes funny
She makes you smile
Shes random
Shes hyper sometimes
Shes just awesome
Logan: Dude like, I like Ashley x3
Pikachu: Peeka Peeka?
Logan: Yeah o_o'
by PersonL1 November 28, 2010
the best thing ever and the love of my life, she dont take nothin and can dish it back ten fold.
i love ashley
by paramorefan112 November 30, 2009
i really just don't know how to describe her without using the same old words that everyone else uses. the ones that get old. the ones that just don't hold the same meaning anymore. but to truly describe Ashley, you would have to meet her, and talk to her, and get to know her. in the terms of generalization...she is amazing and quite beautiful indeed. in fact, i pretty much melt every time i see her.
The first time i saw Ashley i'm pretty sure my heart stopped and skipped quite a few beats.
by saix26 April 27, 2011
a tall, and beautiful person with a hot, banging body
that ashley is so effin hot
by caramelthunda23 July 06, 2009

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