Someone who knows what they want in life and won't stop till they get it... Does what she wants, when she wants and takes responsibility for her actions. This one has a mind of her own so look out and stay clear of her..
by ifpwks February 06, 2010
the best name ever!!!
most ppl named Ashley are hot, sexy, sweet, GREAT in bed, can make you laugh, straight gangsta, and are the best thing that ever happened to the world!!!
Ashley is lookin SOOO fine!!
by Babii_Gurl42305 November 04, 2008
The cutest girl ever. She loves everyone and she's super fun :)
"What are you doing tonight?"
"I'm gonna hang out with Ashley"
"Lucky! She's the most amazing person ever!"
by bad1156 March 20, 2009
Is a Sweet girl that's misunderstood. She can Stand in the rain and cry her eyes out. Even she Can lose the battle but still win the war. Either way,Ashley is very shy and can be humble at times. She learns from her mistakes and Could care less if you hate her. Sometimes she would be at the worse point in her life,But she would still look at you and smile even though she cant brighten her own day. She isn't a Bitch,So she doesn't get into much fights.If she loses a friend She will try everything to get them back,Afraid she might lose them for good. Ashley isn't The nicest girl you will ever know, but she's the girl you will regret losing.
May: Ashley,What's wrong?

Ashley: Oh,Nothing. (:

May: Okay. *walks away*

Ashley: *whispers* Everything...
by xxblackshadowsxx August 09, 2010
a.The name of a person

b.sometimes spelt: Ashleigh, Ashlee, etc.

c.Comes from Ash-tree or Ashes

d.usualy decribes a promiscuous or flirty person

TI: eyy did you see that Ashley come onto me like that?

Bill: Ya. She was choppin you, eh?

TI: Hott! Maybe I should go out wif her...

Bill: Cool.
by bttrthentheodas January 03, 2008
the most amazing girl you'll ever meet. seen as the 'best friend' and the one you can talk to about anything. definitely trust-worthy, loud, sympathetic, fun all the time, and most of the time gets along with everyone.
person 1: 'whos that girl that you were just talking to?'

person 2: ' oh her. thats Ashley, my best friend'
by aaayyyyyeeee ;) November 23, 2009
1. Another name for acetylsalicylic acid; good for headaches.
2. A girl who all the boys like.
3. Someone who likes the letter E.
4. A term for a superhero called SuperBitch who yells at jerks when they need it.

Boy 1: Do you see Ashley anywhere? She's so pretty!
Boy 2: No! But I really need her, I've got such a headache!
Boy 3: Wait, is that the Super Bitch sign?
by S.... June 29, 2008

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