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1.)a bad ass bitch
2.)always on top of da game
3.)neva a hoe

noun, pro-noun
damn you a motha fuckin asha
by ttbabigurl17 January 14, 2007
486 203
da cool and blunt one who actualy knows what a facial is....or just admits to knowing what it is! at first really quiet and innocent....but shes fooling you all!!
what you dont knw what a facial is?? allow ima call up asha!
by Evian Lame-Ass January 20, 2008
387 259
The most beautiful girl in the world, she's perfect in so many way's. She has the most amazing little cheeks with dimples. Asha has the most beautiful face you will ever see and she can make people's day with her amazing smile. Her eyes are so deep, they're a beautiful brown and she's my brown eyed girl. Asha is sexy and has one nice booty and boobs which every man wants a look at. Overall Asha is the nicest person you will ever meet, they care about everyone and are so stunning.
My girlfriend is such an Asha.
by JoshSmith November 22, 2012
176 51
A girl/woman blessed with outstanding beauty. She turns heads every where she goes.
person 1: oh that girl is beautiful!

Person 2: She must be an Asha
by urbandictionary11111 January 19, 2013
96 18
The most amazing Asian you will ever know. She's loving and caring, and will always be there for you.
Asha is pretty awesome.
by imnotasha July 11, 2011
105 65
the name of the COOLEST irish girl around
she is like cooler than the little cherry ontop of a cupcake and cooler than a worm that can speak. and, a talking worm, well that would just be WICKED :) she's like a sister to me, and i miss her. so much.
girl 1: whos that hot irish girl?
boy 1: idk. but shes COOLER than a talking worm
girl 2: damn she must be an asha
by little celtic pixie2 August 14, 2009
117 124
A massive hipster dwarf who's patronus is a triangle. She likes cupping faces, tummy rubbing & performing sexual acts on people named Donal as her hobbies. She is also a part time Grizzley Bear :33
Asha is a Grizzleh Moma.
by fuwwyfamily August 06, 2011
50 87