someone who knows sex is of the devil.
shea has been asexual since his boyfriend cheated on him, and from then on knew it was a sin.
by kaitlin1191 April 27, 2008
A person that:

1. Has no sex organs.
2. Has no union of male and female germ cells.
3. Is not sexual.
1. OMFG! Tommy doesn't have a penis or a vagina!

2. Susy's Mom: Susy you never had male and female germ cells. Susy: NOOOOOOOOO!

3. George: I don't like having sex.
by fuckmeplease August 09, 2005
A fraudulent sexual orientation claimed by those too ugly to get laid.
The only reason I don't have sex is because I don't want to. I have never felt sexually attracted to any entity aside from my own hand. I'm asexual!
by disabled lezbian feminist December 22, 2010
Scientific term for a method of reproduction without combining the DNA from a male and a female gamete.

This word is commonly misused as a definition for a person with no sexul motivation.
Some organisms reproduce simply by dividing ie bacteria. Some plants can reproduce with pollination either spontaneously or with spores.
by Upsidedownpadle July 10, 2005
A person who has sexual experiences with themself or with no one at all.
Johny realized he was asexual when he awoke sticky and all alone.
by Claude Poirier June 17, 2005
some-one that looks as though they could be male or female
i can understand why young girls fancy that boy band member, he looks very asexual
by simple joe June 28, 2005

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