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Someone who is not attracted to men or women.
Oprah is like a starfish, therefore she is asexual.
by It's James November 30, 2010
not being a flaming homosexual or a straight hetero; a very, very, sexually confused soul
He's not gay, he's just a-sexual
by Kevin Azzir-Hakim March 02, 2007
A person who is giving up on it all. Not liking male nor female.
i hate guys, but im not going lesbian.... im not going to be a-sexual!
by Jennifer Gangster December 10, 2006
A living organism who
A)is flat out not interested,
B)has been emotionally disturbed previously in their lifetime to the point of no longer desiring a mate to breed with,
C)is capable of reproducing by itself, or
D)has looking into the details of having sex, and simply doesn't find it worth it.
A)Jake can stare at a naked girl for hours and not get hard for even the slightest second. I wish I could do that!
B)Poor Bill was raped by his father during his childhood, so don't ask him out unless he seems interested.
C)Many microorganisms, as well as worms and a certain breed of snake are capable of creating babies all by themselves.
D)John is a smart asexual. He knows that a relationship isn't worth a breakup, an STD, punishment, or, heaven forbid, AIDs.
by Gulstab February 14, 2008
a term commonly used to fuck with people that you never see/may never see again
that patrick angelo, he must be asexual.
by justsomeoneyouknow December 13, 2010
Will have sex with anyone but Daniel Sanchez.
I would go out with you Daniel, but I'm asexual.

We could be friends! I'm sorry I'm such a faggot(asexual).
by iamthecakeboss August 17, 2009
someone who knows sex is of the devil.
shea has been asexual since his boyfriend cheated on him, and from then on knew it was a sin.
by kaitlin1191 April 27, 2008