a total bullshit way of breaking up thats way over used and people say they hate it when people use it to break up with them, but in reality they'ed be pissed of by the truth.
I like you as a friend.
by littlewing May 28, 2004
Top Definition
Here's the scoop, boys and girls. Women pidgeonhole men into two categories, Friend and Jerk. Men who are chivalrous, polite, sophisticated, etc. are instantly relegated to "Friend" status. Men who treat women like shit are "Jerks."

Women love Friends but consider them unfuckable because they are not masculine enough. Women hate Jerks because they are asswipes but fuck them anyway. Thus, every woman in the world fucks Jerks and then complains to her Friend about how badly the Jerk treats her.
Just more proof that women are totally irrational.
by Do I Have To Slap A Bitch?! September 22, 2004
Used to draw the "no sex/physical intimacy" boundaries. Generally used for people who have an agreeable personality but no sex appeal. A nice way of saying "I could never get on you."
I know we've been dating a lot, but I just like you as a friend.
by Laura May 26, 2004
NO SEX for you
"I like you as a friend, not sexually but we can still hang out"
"fuck that
by Staislaus May 31, 2004
A term of rejection used to soften the the blow when dumping someone.

Often used with other phases like
"You are like a big brother to me."
"You are such a nice guy." and "It's not you, it's me."
Girl saying to boyfriend in training:
"You are such a nice guy, and I love you as a friend ...... "
by caxwl May 27, 2004
means you can buy me things, put up with my bullshit, but you ain't getting laid.
Oh Steve, I just think of you as a friend, not someone I'd fuck or want to see naked.
by steve May 28, 2004
Used to "soften the blow" when you're about to be frank with someone about their lesser qualities, or when giving advice they might not want to hear.
"I'm telling you as a friend: If you're going on a date, you should take her out to to a restaurant, because your cooking really stinks."

"I'm telling you as a friend, you really shouldn't be drinking that much! I'm worried about you!"
by olpe June 05, 2004
Used by someone who opts out of offered intimacy when they don't fancy you.

"I'll go out for a drink with you but as a friend."
Should be countered with

"But couldn't I just shag you as a friend?"
by Smudger of B3ta May 31, 2004
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