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Man's testicles
1)Arxidia tou karampela : Karabela's balls.
2)Pare ta arxidia mou kai trexa : Take my balls and run.
3)Peirame ta arxidia mas : We got our balls (= we lost)
by fragos December 12, 2003
testicle singular, greek root,
describes also a person with a bad behavior
Roufa mou t´ arxidi !
Mou tin ekatse to arxidi !
Tsimpa ena arxidi !
by salty September 28, 2003
Literally means testicle, but it's a bit more nasty because it is not used in medicine.
Metaphorically it is used to show your resentment to someone!
1. God, I have a terrible pain in my left arxidi when I cum my gf in her face! What do I do!

2. While she was blowing my stuff, she started sucking my right arxidi so smoothly, I almost ejaculated! Dude! Sweet!!!

3. He is such an arxidi, he humped my lady, although he knew how much I love her!
by stkaratz July 16, 2006
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