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Disingenuous, petty and aggressive behaviour focusing personal criticism (or withholding praise) in order to cause pain /discomfort despite having no genuine concern about the specific issues addressed – the object being rather to aggress the person or people concerned for some other reason than those given, or to simply vent aggression the cause of which has nothing to do with them. Often involves sarcasm and / or nit-picking.
He doesn’t really think you sound stupid on the phone, he is just being arsey because you got the promotion.
by Philosophe May 31, 2006
To be grumpy. see also arse and arsed
Do get arsey with me! - Don't go into a bad modd.

alt. He's got his arse in a sling/his hand. - He's being grumpy.
by Steven Norgate January 31, 2003
(Australian) To pull something off without skill.
You arsey cunt, I can't belive you nailed that goal or I can't believe you got that goal, that was all arse
by Flapa September 06, 2011
adj: an admirable trait commonly misconstrued by the ignorant to mean haveing a large butt. To be used in the context of "artsy" or when in need of a meaningless adjective. also see thiger
I hate Ahnold cuz I'm arsey.
by Moldor July 16, 2003
1. to be really crap and shit and give a sense of cheapness

2. used to describe something suspicious

3. idiots who piss you off with their retarded behaviour

4. Carson Daily

5. see Douchebag
1. man, that car looks so arsey

2a. damn that guy is so arsey
2b. that competition is so fucking arsey, i bet its rigged

3. fuck those guys are being so damn arsey
by Ben Lee October 20, 2003
a faggoty dialup cheap cunt from the qwtf playing days, resides in a peasentry clan called angry poofters
i cant believe you're a fairy, your worse than arsey
by toules March 23, 2003
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