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"It's good" : a contraction that should be part of the english language.
"Bugger! That arsey chick wouldn't go to see T3 with me! How'd you like it?"
by Moldor July 16, 2003
a weeney, also see dingus
"Timmy, don't forget to shake out your jangi when you're done."
by Moldor October 18, 2004
To suck breath out of one's partner's lungs whilst kissing, usually resulting in them making loud involuntary animal noises. An amazingly fun pastime.
Then Francesco snorked Cindy, drawing out an elephant-like scream from her throat. Afterward neither could breathe for the giggles.
by Moldor October 18, 2004
adj: an admirable trait commonly misconstrued by the ignorant to mean haveing a large butt. To be used in the context of "artsy" or when in need of a meaningless adjective. also see thiger
I hate Ahnold cuz I'm arsey.
by Moldor July 16, 2003
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