verb, intrans., UK. To bother or make an effort, esp. in the negative.
"I was supposed to hand in an essay by tuesday, but I couldn't be arsed to write it".
by R. Clayton Jr November 29, 2005
A term used in the AOL Harry Potter Chatroom so you won't get TOSed for saying "ass". :]
"Omg, Rob is being a big arsehole."
by ikickurarse August 19, 2005
A curse used in Ireland...
Person 1: "The boss wants you in his office.. He looks pretty mad"
Person 2: "ARSE!"

(Seen regularly in Father Ted.. a hilarious TV Series about Priests in Ireland)
by Cully April 01, 2003
a lame and rather effeminate way of saying what everyone outside a little island in the middle of the sea calls "ass".
male british person 1: "good lord! have you seen that gorgeous gentleman's arse"

male british person 2: "he must be a really good cricket player"
by engullelotodo October 09, 2009
A word pertaining to ass, or when said to someone means they're not nice or annoying, or straight up lame.
That Alex Banoub kid is a real Arse.
by Cain160 February 07, 2008
An alternative to 'ass'; often used in places where profanity is not acceptable i.e. work, church, etc.
You are such an arse!!
by Johnesia July 05, 2005
A great all purpose word that can be used in many ways for many things.
A place you can hide things in girls. Chris is always trying to find things to stick up his fiance's arse.
Arse, the other vagina.
by Pimp-Master J July 12, 2006
The way british/australian people say 'ass'.
person1: *in british accent* "oi'm gonna kick yor awrse!"

person2:"I'm going to kick your ass!"
by Some_Girl387 June 01, 2005

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