The way British people say the word "ass"
Harry Potter doesn't like Draco Malfoy, so he told him, "Fuck off, man, you're such a arse!"
#harry potter #draco loves harry #ass #british people are funny #haha
by Kirsti Ferret September 16, 2007
Another word for ass in britan
person one) Hey! look it's fat arse!
#arse #ass #fat #britan #look #omg #n00bpwanage
by n00bs_pwn_all_^_^ January 20, 2007
Spoken in a posh english accent, it can be used to describe a person as being an idiot.
Lord Rumsford: "I say Jeeves, I asked for a bottle of Château Margaux 1978, not 1977 you complete arse!"
Jeeves: "Very good sir"
#fool #twit #nitwit #dunce #halfwit
by Manx bloke October 27, 2006
A word for "ass" that is prefered by pirates because pirates don't say 's'.
ARRRRRR, gimme a pAAARRRRate or al kick your arse an' eat your babies!
by mee-how June 10, 2005
1. Buttocks/ anus
2. to arse around vi: equivalent to bum around. loaf around, be lazy.
3. arse about: muck about, waste time, be stupid
1. Get off yer fat arse
2. Stop arsing around
3. Stop arsing about
by zimo August 16, 2004
(noun) most commonly used as butt. if you're feeling classy, instead of ass, say arse.
I just got my arse kicked!
by Pat June 14, 2004
The european way of saying ass
Mate, your such an arse!
#ass #bad #mean #fuck #you
by Bloggy May 02, 2008
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