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a more proper way to refer to your butt or butt hole when in front of teachers, parents or boss
Keelie is an arse hole
by Maj Cot November 28, 2005
25 14
A person who fills you with disgust and anger.
by No Chance! February 05, 2005
485 229
1. The hole you shit out of.
2. An annoying person that you would just love to smack.
Quit being an Arsehole!
by Glittery Goddess June 13, 2004
361 126
British phrase for someone you don't especially like
Tony Blair, Manchester united supporters, Saddam Hussein.
by English guy February 24, 2005
299 148
Someone who acts like they own the place and that the whole world revolves around them. They look after number one, and everyone else is low on the priority list. If you know the arsehole well, often even just their presence can make you feel small and insignificant, and generally they treat you like something they stepped on.
He just strolled in, ignored the shop assistant, took what he wanted, threw the money on the counter and left. What an arsehole.
by Krunchie June 02, 2006
142 52
the arsehole.
an exceptionally foul mood,brought on by a particular event,or events.
the traffic's so bad,its enough to give you the arsehole!

I crashed the family car,now my mum's got the arsehole with me!

the arsehole is prevalent!(foul mood is on its way)

i've given everyone the arsehole,when i lost that lotto ticket
by george is a goldfish October 16, 2009
98 50
Arsehole, is another word for anus.

It is also used to describe a member of society who is thoroughly useless or who's actions add to the problems of others.

For example a Social Security Medical Officer who issues a false medical report in order to cut the disability payments of the most vulnerable members of society can be correctly described as an Arsehole (note the use of the capital A).
by Bill Bachie September 01, 2003
71 40
Australian slang meaning "to evict."
She arseholed Tom and Harry and now Dick is all she ever thinks about.
by England phi beta gamma November 15, 2007
47 29