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South American insectivorous mammal. Has tough 'armour plates' that protect it from attack. Some varieties can roll into a ball and be completely protected.
As far as I know, not interested in lesbians at all.
"hey, what's that weird looking animal with the armour?"
"an armadillo of course"
by Jo May 02, 2004
an uncircumcised penis, as defined by the gay community, or my friend perry.
i went to go down on him, and he whipped it out and an armadillo popped out - it looked like it was wearing a fucking hoodie.
by Laquanda Adams Fashiqi December 10, 2007
To provide weapons to a spanish pickle.
He is suspected of buying weapons to armadillo.
by Kraeloc May 22, 2004
Someone who ruins a good thing or moment.
My mom made chocolate covered strawberries for my friends and I, but Garrett was an armadillo and spilled the whole tray.
by Kelen Keller July 01, 2010
Curling into a fetus position in a fight, lookign sort of like an armodillo. Usually one shouts "Please don't hurt me." repetitively while in the position.
"Yo man, what's this guy doin? He said he wants to fight but he just dropped into the armadillo."
by homebroslice24 March 08, 2010
An exclamatory word to express extreme coolness.
That 69' Shelby is sexy! Armadillo!

Yo, that jacket is tight son! You betta run that shit, bitch! Armadillo!
by Shawty2008 August 30, 2008
a sexual position consisting of a male and female.
the male penitrates the anus and ejaculates, the female will then curl into a ball placing her nose into her anus cavity and her mouth cupping her vagina.
the male will then procede to punch or apply pressure to her abdomen at which moment the ejaculate will erupt forcefuly through her nose and out her mouth into her vagina.
hey bob did you see me armadillo that bitch last night, her face looked like a custard tart.
by Wordsmith 2.0 May 13, 2010
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