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To stink like decaying flesh. A congenital condition unfazed by soap and water.
Man, Curtis was seriously arling today.
by dave sadler July 18, 2006
Internet slang loosely based on the Thai approximation "A RUY LEEUI!" used by Lady of the Court Tuptim in the movie "Anna and the King"

It usually refers to a feeling of anguish.

Has a variation: @RL.

It shares a source with a similar term: "PKJN!"
Person 1 12:24:06 : Oh dear God, did you drop your boat ticket to America down that storm drain?!

Person 2 12:24:52 : Ya. I did. ARL!!!!111!! -_-
by ogie1691 December 29, 2006
A retarded loser. May sometimes act like they have downsyndrome, or just think that they are the shit when they clearly are not, or making themselves look like faggots.
Aaron sure was acting pretty arl today if you ask me.
by kayyD January 04, 2008

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