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The unavoidable sexual attraction to trees. This includes but is not limited to wooden objects such as chairs, armoires, and desks. Certain arborsexual tendencies include hugging trees, literary sex with trees, being inexplicably attracted to things of a wooden nature, excluding morning wood.

Arborsexuals prefer to stay in the closet (preferably of Weeping/Whomping variety) for most of their lives - it is not an accepted sexuality as of yet. A more common name they prefer to be called is the ever-common "tree hugger".

"Environmentalist" is a euphanism for arborsexual.
I got a splinter in a place that don't see sunshine. I'm arborsexual.

Some people have sex with trees. Deal with it. They're arborsexual.

Go fuck a chair! Oh, you want me to be classy? Go make love to an armoire, ya arborsexual.
by Area 51 O_O May 25, 2011
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