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Aranza is a girl with attitude. She can be a bitch when she wants to. If youre a bitch to her, youre going to regret that for sure because she will be the biggest bitch to you. Other than that aranza is Outgoing, funny, sweet, amazing in bed and has a nice body(skinny and has curves) She knows how to please a guy. Guys are thirsty for her. Aranza is fuckable and amazing. She is a girl you can trust and become good friends with. Aranza also loves to Party with her friends. She is a wild girl when shes drunk but it's fun watching her be drunk, it's something you will enjoy for sure.
Guy:Damn, who is that?

Aranza's Friend: Thats Aranza

Guy: Shes hot
by SwagFags December 25, 2012
Aranza: normally she's an outgoing girl, has a strong character, very outgrageous, she's always involved in gossip. if she wants she can turn to be the greatest bitch but if you are her friend she will be the greatest friend ull ever have. just learn how to love her.
wow, Aranza told me the juciest gossip ever!!
by allline June 17, 2009
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