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5 definitions by Sharky

Some one who makes/uses agressive words against some one on the interenet (especially msn and forums. Usally a quiet small natured persopn in real life.
"Shut the fuck up wanker" - "why dont you say that to my face then when i meet you"
by Sharky February 24, 2005
Kickass heavy metal band with the lead singer from Slipknot.

Can also be referred to as a Molotov cocktail made up of 1 part whiskey, a splash of orange juice and sour mix.
A: Oi man i saw Stone Sour the other night they kicked ass!
B: Well had a Stone Sour so fuck you!
by Sharky October 27, 2004
Oh shit....hes standing right behind me.
by Sharky November 11, 2004
Sexual aroused
Man i am really timboed
by sharky June 16, 2003
A suffix used in Final Fantasy after spells. It means a more powerful version of that spell. There is the normal spell, the spellara, then spellaga. Add ara to make a word sound more important or add emphasis.
(If someone is very surprised) "Holy crapara!"
by Sharky April 11, 2005