Auxilary Power Unit
Fire up the APU and shut down the main engines
by kazza_nz December 26, 2003
Initialism; representing 'As Per Usual'.
"Classes will continue APU on Monday, as will the normal day-to-day operations of the school."
by chrsitopher October 28, 2013
As Per Usual
Person One: Are you drunk?
by zaxcanger February 21, 2013
As Per Usual

When someone does something on a regular basis, usually something of a significant annoyance.
Jane: Mark isn't replying to my texts, apu...

Sarah: Bummer, just move on.
by tesserald June 04, 2014
Accelerated Processing Unit.

APU for short. Combines up to four CPU cores with DirectX 11 capable graphics, and up to 400 Radeon cores. Also has dedicated HD video processing on a single chip. Removes the need for a graphics card.

Pretty much the most ballin' piece of electronic your computer can have.
Guy: My PC sucks...

IT guy: Yea, cause you don't have an APU.

Guy: Can I get one?

IT guy: Yea, but we'll have to switch your motherboard because it's not formatted for APU's.
by blukittygeek January 01, 2012
Armored Personel Unit
I got into the APU and killed some dirty Yugos.
by Luka November 22, 2003
Cambridge, Uk's 'other' university. Also known as the 'Early Learning Centre'.
You study at Cambridge? Wow!

Err...wel, aktully i do medea studys at Apu.
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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