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Stands for Wild Insane Loud Language.

Anger induced Tourette's Syndrome. W.I.L.L. can be heard when people play COD and begin to lose. Supposedly experienced for two reasons: the fun of raging, and because one is actually losing. Consists of lots of F's, S's, N's, GD's, J's, and pretty much every other known curse word.

W.I.L.L. is a very serious and very contagious disease. If someone you know contracts it, seek help immediately. Do not approach someone with W.I.L.L. alone, for this can be hazardous to your personal health. NEVER EVER EVER suggest they put down the video game. This will surely result in bodily harm.
Gamer 1: G**damn motherf**king piece of s**t bastards!!! F**KING F**K!!!!!!!!!

Gamer 2: Dude... You sound like you just caught W.I.L.L.

Gamer 1: F**k you, man! I'm playing with my frat brothers and our KDR is under 1...

Gamer 2: Ohhh... yea. You've got W.I.L.L. but with good cause.
by blukittygeek January 04, 2012
Disappressing is an adjective. It is a combination of the words disappointing and depressing. It is used to describe something that is both disappointing and depressing at the same time.
Love is very disappressing, especially during a break up.
by blukittygeek December 07, 2012
The part of Dade City, Florida, that is on the other side of the rail road tracks. Notorious for it's rampant drug sales and prostitution, hence the name.
Dude: I need to score some blow and get some ass...
Druggie: Let's go to crack town Dade City! They've got the best.
Dude: Okay!!
by blukittygeek December 27, 2011
Accelerated Processing Unit.

APU for short. Combines up to four CPU cores with DirectX 11 capable graphics, and up to 400 Radeon cores. Also has dedicated HD video processing on a single chip. Removes the need for a graphics card.

Pretty much the most ballin' piece of electronic your computer can have.
Guy: My PC sucks...

IT guy: Yea, cause you don't have an APU.

Guy: Can I get one?

IT guy: Yea, but we'll have to switch your motherboard because it's not formatted for APU's.
by blukittygeek January 01, 2012
A sponge is what you call someone that you want to get your hands all over and something that you have to get wet. It's a sexual compliment.
Jorge: You are sooooo a sponge.

Courtney: Oh my.

Jorge: Now come here so I can get my hands on you and make you wet
by blukittygeek January 06, 2012

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