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The term often used by military snipers to describe the cerebellum region of the brain. This is a prime target area and is the general shape and size of an apricot, hence the slang name of apricot.
I put a round right through that fuckers apricot!
by enhanced April 13, 2008
sometimes the nickname of someone named april, or a mischievious fairy (small and cute but dont piss her off!) like sexy girl
Man, that girl is apricot!
by April aka Apricot March 23, 2005
The act of jizzing on your blanket and letting the cum dry to it and your dick at the same time. resulting in pain to yo dick.
jimmy apricoted all over and he had to go to the hospital because his foreskin was ripped off!!!!
by mattgivesattacks July 13, 2012
Meaning crazy, or something new....something unexpected or shocking.
The peach color on the escalade is apricots!
by Ceno May 20, 2005
my girlfriends dogs name
My GF's dogs head is the size of a freakishly large apricot
by todaugen November 24, 2003
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