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When you're craving anything that has apple in it.
apple, apple pie, apple sauce, apple cider, etc.

Wow I really want an apple right now! I have such an appletite!
by francescah November 09, 2013
1. a hunger for all things apple.

2. the uncomfortable sensation (quite like a nicotine craving) that occurs when one is away from their iphone, ipod, or macintosh computer for too long.
1. shelley worships the ground that steve jobs walks on and everything he touches. shelley has quite the appletite.

2. ron: has anyone got an iphone i can stroke for a bit? maybe an ipod that i can click for a few minutes? it's been two hours, man!
chad: dude, you need to curb that appletite.
by sarahb402 February 06, 2009

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