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When the male fucks a girl rough until she bleeds then turns her over and repeats anal .
Keith gave Cathie an apple turnover last night and she can't walk
A maneuver invented by members of the Apple family where one shoves a half (or whole if you're adventurous) into your partner's rectum/vagina and fist them accordingly until the apple is crushed into a paste and then proceed to eat it out.
"Why are we out of Apples?"
"Me and my gf had an Apple Turnover yesterday"
"Breh tmi"
by Adolf Alex October 20, 2015
A computer user who has previously only used PC/Windows based machines but now converts to only use Apple products.
After buying the iPhone, Carl has become a total apple turnover.
by Neurotic Monkey January 07, 2010
Tasty treats that can be eaten at Kroger for free after midnight. No sexual connotation, they are just mighty delicious.
MMM My apple turnover is delicious, good thing I can just throw the box somewhere when i am finished and not pay for it.
by Lance Hardenburg August 06, 2006
A girl's extremely large feet and knarly toes curled up, and hanging over her opened toe heels.
That girl was really hot from across the bar, but then I came up closer and spotted that chicks feet, I was like hell naw! Bitch had apple turnovers, for real!
by Brittany T April 15, 2008
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