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When a guy with the green apple splatters goes to a girl's house, fucks her and leaves bacon strips on her sheets. The next morning, after the guy is gone, the girl turns over the covers and discovers the shit stains.
Shelly woke up hungover to find out that David left a mysterious apple turnover in her bed last night.
by KetelOne415 March 04, 2009
A term often used when a person sharts themselves at a party or bar but decides to suck it up and continue on with the night.
"Dude, Zander, are you alright?"

"No man, I'm gonna need a bigger boat."


"There's been a shart attack. I can feel the liquid surrounding me but I'm gonna let it crust up and party on!"
by KetelOne415 October 23, 2009
When a person of Arabic descent tries to fart on somebody at a party but accidentally sharts himself, then acts like nothing happened.
Hisham was very uncomfortable after he pulled a Habibi Booboo in his pants at a July 4th party in Napa, California.
by KetelOne415 March 05, 2009
A person who fakes orgasms.
Jean totally fakes her orgasms, she's a cumposer.
by KetelOne415 March 26, 2009
After you cum all over your girl's face, you head butt her and then say "Bon Anniversaire!". Then put your clothes on and leave without saying a word.
Dude, I pulled a page out of Zidane's book and Bon Anniversaired this drunk chick last night.
by KetelOne415 February 27, 2009

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