1) adj. A bunch of crap; foolishness.

2) n. A person who is full of it, or has no clue as to what they are talking about.
Person 1 - "What's this lecture about?"
Person 2 - *shrugs* "I dunno, sounds like a bunch of apple pie to me..."
by rZsquared February 13, 2011
A pastry commly used my the male gender for masterbation.
The man walked into the kitchen to see Jim humping a a home made apple pie.
by Your mom and the pie you raped February 16, 2009
The act of female masturbation, sometimes performed in a group setting.
When I get home I need to have some Apple Pie
by We are ONE May 17, 2011
to poop in a pie container and putting the "apple pie" in the oven for a delicous aroma around your home.
ME- "i made your house smell like apple pie."

FRIEND- " it smells like baked shit!"
by xxTV82xx February 02, 2011
What some people make of 'apple pipe'
"Ferdinand, what are you doing?"
"Constructing an apple pipe."
"You're making apple pie???!!!"
"No, but that could come in handy some time later."
by Leonidas in a Speedo September 15, 2008
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