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Made by a dumbass to be used by a dumbass

Opposite of PC which is made by a Nerd With No Life to be used by a Nerd With No Life
Apple Computers User: uhhhh... how do I open this file?

PC User: Time to download porn...
53 38
The eye-candy of computer technology. Looks good, but sucks ass.
Apple computers are what PCs will look like in 1000 years. And in 1000 years, Apple won't exist.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 20, 2003
36 22
A company that once enjoyed being cool without effort; but now relies on that old coolness for meager profits.
That's a trendy apple computer, Bill
by Reckless Rambler July 05, 2003
22 10
the company that manufactures the Mac and I-pod
by Paul Thundergod July 03, 2003
33 23
A computer made by Apple
by Rodderz July 03, 2003
30 21
A nice-looking but expensive computer that runs a tenth as fast as it should.
"Fucking Windows XP, if I wanted my laptop to run as slow as that I'd buy an Apple computer"
by Bitchy tech-head July 04, 2003
25 17
A piece of shit computer, mainly used by the elderly.
by Wenis July 03, 2003
28 21