Tasty treats that can be eaten at Kroger for free after midnight. No sexual connotation, they are just mighty delicious.
MMM My apple turnover is delicious, good thing I can just throw the box somewhere when i am finished and not pay for it.
by Lance Hardenburg August 06, 2006
Top Definition
When the male fucks a girl rough until she bleeds then turns her over and repeats anal .
Keith gave Cathie an apple turnover last night and she can't walk
A computer user who has previously only used PC/Windows based machines but now converts to only use Apple products.
After buying the iPhone, Carl has become a total apple turnover.
by Neurotic Monkey January 07, 2010
A girl's extremely large feet and knarly toes curled up, and hanging over her opened toe heels.
That girl was really hot from across the bar, but then I came up closer and spotted that chicks feet, I was like hell naw! Bitch had apple turnovers, for real!
by Brittany T April 15, 2008

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