An unquestioningly loyal female subordinate in the Democratic Party.
Susan McDougal and Monica Lewinsky were apparatchiks, one went down for a crime the other went down.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
Top Definition
A person who is a cog in the wheel of a large, powerful organization, whether that organization is a government or a government-favored corporation.
"The choice between the American and Canadian healthcare models is simply a choice between different two different flavours of statism – each with somewhat different vices, it’s true (e.g., do you prefer higher prices or longer waits?), but ultimately coming down to a matter of the percentage to which control of your healthcare is exercised by people sitting in government offices as opposed to being exercised by people sitting in governmentally-privileged 'private' offices – but in either case by ambitious, avaricious apparatchiks who aren’t you."
by MrApparatchik September 15, 2011
A female syncophant.
Polly repeats everything the boss says trying to suck up...she's apparatchik.
by nilpferd August 07, 2003
An apparently rodentlike woman.
The Senator from New York was an apparatchik when it came to campaign money, she could smell it, ferret it out, hoard it, consume it and spend it, leaving only droppings as evidence it ever was.
by megnao flimpis August 03, 2003
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