applications, espec. for a job
"hold on, i'm gonna pick up some job apps before we leave"
by lauren August 31, 2003
r-tarded myspace feature that gets a ton of people to waste their time only on myspace.
Some drive people to add people to their friends list that have the app just so they can access a certain feature on the app. Myspace probably developed them for the sole purpose of having people glued to their computer. some people are actually sane enough to realize that they are a big waste of time... Exceptions of this definition: apps that replace certain games that you like playing on your computer that you have to waste money just to buy.
Person1:I hate the myspace apps. All they do is lagg myspace
Person2: yeah i know.
by kittycat0143 March 15, 2009
A thing you download your gadgets that does stuff for you
A finger treadmill is an app thing that goes back and fourth you can run your fingers on
by PAnDa QUeeN!! October 26, 2011
v. to make someone into an app due to their usefulness, knowledge or other qualities. A complimentary term to praise one's skills.
I wish I could app you and have you there for the long-haul.
by app882 June 13, 2010
Short for apparently
Apps that movie is not very good.
by Mugly December 05, 2006

an injectable drug that enhances erections when you experience erectile dysfunction.None of the side-effects of viagra, and it works in 10 minutes.Also makes your dick thicker in the process.
I was having trouble keeping it up so the urologist prescribed A/P/P/ which I inject into the side of the base. Whether she plays with it or not, it comes 'up' if I think about wanting it to.(No, the injection DOES NOT hurt, but it makes the head a wee bit tender for aggressive oral sex)
by John R. December 09, 2003
To app is to appreciate something, usually an extremely witty pun or a great joke. It is short for appreciate, but it is awkward for one to say, "I appreciate that" after every witty thing someone says. Extreme apps can be applied, for example, jokes about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire should be apped times a million.
"Insert something suttle or witty here"
"LOL! I app that times a million!!!"
by inconclusionblahblah February 10, 2010

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