Its what you do when you fuck up.
K.R."I Apologize Dawn"

Derek-"Hey man, I fucked up i had sex with this girl the other night, what should I do about it?"
by OnYm~X~KoRe December 22, 2008
Top Definition
To make excuse for or regretful acknowledgment of a fault or offense.

george bush dumbfuck n00b drugs taco bell day old oatmeal
World, I apologize for George W. Bush's actions.
by imaperson November 02, 2006
kissing Jesse Jackson's ass in an attempt to ask for forgiveness for offending the African American race. (As seen in South Park episode 1101)
Jesse Jackson: "Apologize. Kiss it."
Randy Marsh: "You want me to kiss your-"
Jesse Jackson: "That's right. Apologize."
by c_y_ December 03, 2007
when rolling dice, if you throw a loser 2-3-12 on the first roll, you need to apologize by rolling a 7-11 winner on the next roll. usually accompanied by a snapping of the fingers.
As you throw the dice, "Apologize!"
by cregets June 16, 2007
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