after porn munchies.
after you have beat your meat and cum the almost immediate hunger that comes
ex: (thinks to self) wow that was good porn but now i have a case of apm
by ghvkdhcvisc bcjb October 22, 2010
Top Definition
Actions Per Minute
Used in Warcraft 3 to measure the number of times someone clicks in one minute. Also a sign of gosuness if the APM is high, but people just click the rally point to get their APM higher than usual.
Omfg j00 are a n00b, ur apm is 40!
He is sooo fuckin gosu, his apm is 300!!! o_O
by grab October 10, 2003
Ass, Pussy, Mouth. Apm is penetrating all of these orifices at once, while making sure that the balls don't touch.

A song by Spamtec, off their album "STC is the Greatest"

"Ass Pussy Mouth, Ass Pussy Mouth, It Ain't Gay if the Balls Don't Touch."

"Get Some Butt, Get Some Vag, Get Some Motherfucking Brain."

"Pull up, Slow up on This Grand Am and Gangbang, This Bitch While She Do a Handstand, Thats APM."
by metalheadsunite1 July 16, 2006
Ass, Pussy, Mouth. Apm is penetrating all of these orifices at once, while making sure that the guys' balls don't touch, because that would be gay.
Dude, I would love to APM that girl! She is so fine.
by metalheadsunite1 July 16, 2006
Anti personal Mine=A Pussy Mine, Used in Battle Field 2142 by Snipers who cant shoot people so they plant mines miles away from them to get their kills.
PLayer 1: Ok guys, we're gonna rush the tower! everyone follow me through the door! *rushes into door* BOOM

Player 2: *on the other side of the map* "lawl lawl I just killed another person with my Apm! Hey mom! look I'm ranked number one in the server! and mom, while your here can you sign me up for neopets?
by Snoogy March 24, 2007
The latest diet drink for sistas of da hood. APM is better know as Asian Pear Mojitos. The honeys drink APM because they want the perfect Buddha Booty. APM can be found in several varieties: Sauci, G-Blonde and P-Poppin.
At lunch we had four rounds of APM at PF. That night, my man enjoyed the results of this fantastic diet. We love this diet. Get Loose.
by Ghettonese October 14, 2005
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