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Actions Per Minute
Used in Warcraft 3 to measure the number of times someone clicks in one minute. Also a sign of gosuness if the APM is high, but people just click the rally point to get their APM higher than usual.
Omfg j00 are a n00b, ur apm is 40!
He is sooo fuckin gosu, his apm is 300!!! o_O
by grab October 10, 2003
A complete idiot. Seeing as shit doesn't have a brain, the person being compared to it could be called a mindless moron.
(online gaming)
Player 1: OmFg i am so gosu i just pwned the newbs!11!! 1337 h4x0rz!!1 ^^
Player 2: Stfu man you're dumb as shit.
by grab October 10, 2003
A person living outside his or her country.
The American expatriates in Paris are gay.
by grab October 10, 2003

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