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Apathycore is used to describe music developed by the jaded fallout of Emocore. Grabbing mostly obscure indie rock, and older obscure bands(ie Captain Beefheart). To be Apathycore as a person you must be completely jaded.
Apathycore kid in calm voice:So are you going to rape me?
Potential Rapist: Wow, your apathycore.
by DustyLane January 10, 2008
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also known as apathyXcore or aXc, to say you dont care and are not associated with any "core",like hard-core or emo-core.
person one: im so hardcore
person two: im so emocore
person three: im apathycore, yall have fun with that.
by nicolerocksmore June 28, 2008
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