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A brain disorder. Contrary to popular belief it is not something that can be controlled by good parenting, though that may help. It is something one is born with in which the brain literally cannot empathize. They can think only of their own emotions and are often blunt and/or spiteful to others. These people are often thought to be involved in school shooting]s, serial killing, and other criminal activity]. The perfect example would be the character Angelina Jolie played in the movie Girl Interrupted.
Anti-Social: Where were you these last two weeks?
Person: My father just died.
Anti-social: Well suck it up, bitch!
by ljfoankg1221 July 29, 2010
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A term used to describe people exibiting any sort of behavior in which the intent is to violate the rights of others and otherwise going against society. Examples include murder, bullying, robbery, conning, and rape.

Often confused with asocial which is used to describe people who are shy, introverted, or otherwise avoid socializing or social situations.
Antisocial: Against society

Asocial: Avoid society

by phantompyro December 23, 2006
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A word commonly confused with "asocial".

Asocial means simply not being social (it does not imply hatred or negativity, only "absence"), while antisocial insinuates an active hostility or contempt for society as a whole.
Ignorant individual: "See that antisocial loner over there? He/she would rather stay at home and read than talk with me."

Person 2: "Don't you mean asocial?"

Ignorant individual: "What? Same difference."
by forced name November 21, 2007
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Someone who doesn't feel comfortable around other people. They would rather do something more productive with thier time rather then hanging out with people they don't really like.
Social Person: What are you doing tonight?
Anti-Social Person: Going home and reading.
Social Person: You mean your not going too the party tonight?
Anti-Social Person: No, I'm not much of a party goer.
by Arie121 November 09, 2008
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Often confused with "asocial", which is very different; "asocial" means one who seeks to avoid society, somebody who refuses to or cannot socialize with others, like someone on the autism spectrum.

Antisocial means "against society" or "anti-society"; hostile and antagonistic toward society. This includes behavior that disrespects and violates the rights and feelings of others as well as the order and principles of society, behavior that includes theft, bullying, rape, deception, murder, and general criminal behavior.

An antisocial personality knows the difference between right and wrong but does not care; as long as they get what they want, they don't care who they have to walk over. Any means- manipulation, flattery, intimidation, cruelty, theft, murder- is perfectly justified to them
Robert Hare, revising his psychopathy checklist, says that all psychopaths are antisocial personalities but not all antisocial personalities are psychopaths. Similar to the autism spectrum, antisocial personalities range from obvious sociopaths to extreme (and well-hidden) psychopaths.
by Loreleili June 29, 2011
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Main Entry: Antisocial
Function: adjective
Date: 1797
*anti - against, opposite, instead of

1: unwilling or unable to conform to normal standards of social behavior

2: shunning contact with others

Synonyms: eremitic, introverted, misanthropic, reserved, standoffish

Antonyms: affable, friendly, outgoing, social
1: His parents find his facial piercings and black eyeliner to be antisocial.

2: I'm not antisocial, I just don't like you.
by Gabbi December 30, 2004
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there are very twisted verisons of the word this term started in the early, heavy mental hospital days by a shrink that didn't know too much

anyway the word means two things

1. someone that doesn't respect the rights of others

2. one that doesn't socialize
"oh man check out that guy over there he's so not respecting the rights of others he's being anti-social"
by thedude July 11, 2004
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Anti-Social usually refers to Social Anxiety. It is a word that got a bad name due to the many psycho's and insane people committing crimes (see Anti-Social Personality Disorder). This is false, though. There are plenty of sane Anti-Social people in the world. Many are just SHY, and have poor social skills. They just do not know how to talk to people and express themselves or any emotions.

Being Anti-Social usually starts in early childhood. It can be the persons own choice, which means they are happy on their own. Or it can happen without it being under their control. Moving from place to place, not holding down any friendships, and of course living in a rural area can make a person unfamiliar around people. Another aspect can be negative incidents from the past that make a person have Social Anxiety.
Being Anti-Social and having Social Anxiety can be treated by Psychologists and many people can live a normal life. I have this disorder, and no I am not a creepy sociopath soley because I don't party everynight with 20 different people. The world thinks we are freaks, but we are NOT.
by Metalhead83 January 09, 2012
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